Letha House

Born in Ontario, Canada, abandoned by her parents, and somehow managing to arrive in Medina, Ohio, Letha E. Brewster was a philanthropic woman of mystery. She was adopted by George and Fannie Morse, and assumed their last name at a young age. She lived a simple life, marrying William House in 1900 at age twenty. Then her world was expanded greatly.

Letha House was reunited with The affluent Corrigans of Cleveland, the family she never knew. She ventured to Cleveland to meet her Uncle James Corrigan. Letha appeared a great blessing to the family after they had experienced so much grief and tragedy. She was soon included in some of their wills, which is how she quickly became one of Medina County's wealthiest citizens. She maintained her simple, frugal lifestyle, allowing her to give generously. She wanted her money and influence to live beyond her life on earth.

Though Letha passed in 1974, she had established organizations so that future generations of Medina citizens could benefit from her wealth. The Student Loan Trust was founded to help those who couldn't afford to continue to higher level schooling. It was not a scholarship, but a low interest loan so that the money could be recycled to future applicants. This Trust operated from 1963 until 1999. To this day, Cloverleaf and Buckeye School Districts still offer scholarships in honor of a woman who so loved education and wished the opportunity on everyone. The Letha E. House Foundation was created "to create for the community unique, distinctive, and well managed facilities that would otherwise not be available". The money from this foundation helped to restore the Medina Historical Society on Elmwood Street. The Foundation will end only when all the money has been distributed. Finally, the Medina Park Trust was established for the "perpetual preservation of the Park in the Public Square".



First Impression
Letha House ended life as she began, quietly and with a hint of mystery. Her colleague Charles Clark Griesinger remembered his first impression of Mrs. House. This recollection fits Letha perfectly. She was a puzzle that could not be solved. And...
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Letha House Epitaph
Letha House went from rags to riches. ~ Source: 2015 - 2016 MHS Sherri Hufford's Junior Language Arts Course. ~ Creator: Mikayla Anter and Megan Popovich
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