St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

Located on Route 18 just east of the square, St. Francis Xavier is a Catholic Church and K-8 academy with a deep history. It dates back to the 1860's when Reverend John Van Den Brock ran Valley City Church where citizens of Medina would attend their weekly masses. Eventually a group was formed within the community. Led by a new mission pastor, Father Thomas Halley, they had their own private worship services at a house Fr. Halley bought. This group grew over the years and eventually made a push to finally establish the first Catholic parish in the city of Medina.

It was in 1876 when construction for the first church began under the direction of a young, ambitious priest from Wakeman, Ohio by the name of Reverend F. X. Nunan. A small church with a steeple was completed in 1878.

As the community surrounding the church grew, the building deteriorated, and the financial situation took a turn for the worst, newly- appointed pastor, Rev. John R. Kenny decided it was time for a new a building in 1905. Taking place on West Liberty Street, this job was finished in 1908 and stood strong as the parish building over the next five decades.

With the help of Father Randel, a school was built in the 1950's and that was followed by plans to build yet another new building for the church, which would be completed in 1961. That is now the current church located on East Washington Street. It currently stands today as a symbol of the prosperous culture Medina exhibits. Masses are given every weekend and holiday, the school provides a quality education for children, and the parish takes part in various charity organizations. Its history goes all the way back to the earliest construction of the city of Medina and that makes it a special asset to the community.



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