Attempted Robbery of the Treasury

Early Thursday morning of December 24th 1886, a crowed was gathered outside of the Medina County Court House. At about 1 a.m. the town Marshal was approached by two by two men, whom he assumed were teens just messing around. However, there boys held him up at gunpoint with a revolver stating that if he made any noise they would shoot him. Then three other men came out and placed a gag in the Marshals mouth while putting his coat over his head and tying his hands behind his back. They then took him with them to the court house where two men broke in through the window and two others pried open the door with crowbars. Once inside one man watched the Marshal, two kept a lookout, and the last two worked on the safe. The Marshal remembered hearing four explosions, and at least two times they where dragging something out the doors, although he could not tell if they had actually gotten into the safe. One of the men then said, "We must hurry up before that train come." Then after three hours, the men had finally left. Now that the Marshal was finally alone he went to the jail and woke the Sheriff, and returned to ring the fire bell. The safe was then opened at about 6:30 a.m. were all the money was safe and sound.