The War Bond Headquarters

The war bond headquarters in Medina was a very influential part of American History. War bonds improved the war effort, as well as the social, political, and economic aspects of our nation. Buying bonds was looked at through the eyes of society as a great act to perform. Buying war bonds gave money towards the war effort and if everyone bought a bond, then there is a higher chance of keeping the lives of Americas soldiers. Bonds were a way of fighting in the war while staying at home.

The types of people that bought bonds were seniors, women, and even some men that were still in the country. Kids were even given bonds as birthday gifts. From a social aspect, buying a bond made you a patriotic, American citizen. From an economic standpoint, buying bonds was a great thing for the nation. Supplies for the war included trucks, tanks, airplanes, wristwatches, bombs, guns and many more items. With all of these needs for war there has to be enough money to keep us afloat while allowing us to fight, and war bonds did this for us. From a political standpoint, the war bonds again contributed to this aspect. People were also kind of guided into buying war bonds from the media which depicted important figures from the war. Hitler was shown in many pictures with captions that pleaded the American citizens to buy war bonds to stop this terrible person. All in all, war bonds helped America and this building was very influential in the history of Medina and its patriotic spirit. There was a group of people that made the building the way it is today, so now we may look back onto our history in a physical form.

The bond building still stands today along with its legacy thanks to the Medina Jaycees. The Medina Jaycees are a group in Medina that took on the renovation project, the building had been run down and started to fade away from our community. After renovating the building, the Jaycees actually got in touch with Elmer Zarney, a person who actually designed the original sign for the war bond building. Elmer was best known for renovating the entire square to its beautiful Victorian style. Elmer Zarney designed the new sign for the building and it was finally finished to its beautiful current state. The war bond building still stands today in front of the Medina General Hospital. The bond building is a reminder to all of us to support or country with pride.