Sidney Meager is one of the guys you never really hear about. Sidney Meager was apart of the 276th Armored Field Artillery Duty. He was what was called the "Forward Observer" at the time. Sidney's duty was to go beyond allied lines with a rifle and a radio and report coordinates back to base for accurate artillery strikes. This may have been the most dangerous job during WWII because the life expectancy for people like Sidney was only a few minutes. This job was dangerous in the fact that you were usually in plain sight of the enemy while you tried to send back coordinates. Sidney Meager was bordering on certain death at least 3 times. In the end Sidney recieved two silver stars, one purple heart, and two bronze medals.

Sidney got to travel all over Europe. He went to Belgium, Germany, France. When Sid went from Belgium to France all he had to say to Hazel was that the people in France were leaner than the people in Belgium. He was awarded a 3 day trip to France.

In conclusion, Sid Meager should be regarded as a small town hero. He realized before he left for war he was gonna have to make some sacrifices. War tends to do this to almost every person. In Sid's case he put his whole family on the line, he missed the birth of his daughter, and most of all, he risked his own life by being a part of one of the most dangerous types of positions during the war. It truly is amazing how brave this simple person from Medina county was.



Sid Meager Epitaph
The unassuming Meager, returns a humble war hero. ~ Source: MHS Sherri Hufford's Junior Language Arts Course. ~ Creator: Carolyn Wilder and Logan Ayers
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