Former Mayor of Medina and Lt. Governor John Brown

John Brown and Andrew Carnegie were very much alike when it comes to qualities and techniques that it is necessary to be a successful leader. Former mayor of Medina John Brown has a very interesting story on why he chose politics. He didn't really know what he wanted to do with his life when he was in high school, but he loved taking and studying civics and he took post graduate work when he was in school to help him out with it. And what really struck him is when he got his high school yearbook, under his picture the caption said that his future was going to be political. John was confused on why that showed up because he was undecided what he wanted to do and the people who wrote the year book put that under his name. I found that rather cool and interesting.
After John had graduated he didn't want to jump right into politics. John entered the Highway Patrol in 1941 but wasn't there long until he decided to enlist in the armed forces. John Enlisted for the coast guard in 1942 from Cleveland. That is what brought John to Medina because they were moved around from place to place. When John was done with the coast guard he decided to pursue his career in politics. He got started in a campaign in Lancaster but he lost. Not as an active but working on the Hoover/Roosevelt election. He wasn't dismayed. John got down to Jackson County and he had the urge to run for mayor in Welston, Ohio. Things were not good politically there so he did not run for mayor.
When he came back to Medina he noticed that a lot of things had changed in the Wainwright administration which made him think that he ought to do something about it. John wanted to help Medina and he decided to run for Mayor. He made his announcement on January 13, 1949.
What separates John from anyone else that has ever wanted to run for mayor is that he had a goal that he wanted to meet and greet everyone in the city, he was going to go door to door. At one point John found himself writing a note on the back of campaign literature and laying it there at the owners door step to their house if they weren't home. Later during the campaign John began to realize that he was starting to fall behind of getting to meet everyone who was a citizen of Medina so he would stay up all night or most of the night and would write on campaign cars "Hope you vote for me come May!' John did everything in his power to make sure that he had met everyone in Medina before the election. Another thing he did to help him out was that he expressed the truthfulness of the government. He told everyone to stick to the facts and to ask questions if they were not satisfied with what was going on.
John comes out on top and wins the election and he decides to run again after his first term as mayor of Medina! And with no suprise he won! I would say John Brown is one of the most hardworking, determined, motivated mayors that Medina has ever had! I say this because he wanted to win so bad so he decided he wanted to meet every single person who lived in Medina to show that he was the best candidate that they could vote for. And he would be up late all night every night working on his campaign to make sure that he was going to win this election with no problem at all. He holds many leadership qualities such as strong willed, courage, determined, hardworking, sacrifice, and motivated. All of these leadership qualities allowed him to take his successes to a larger office , but he was only in and eventually became the 54th governor of Ohio.
In conclusion John was a very hardworking person and did what he had to do to win, just as Andrew Carnegie did the same. They share similar leadership qualities that I mentioned above in earlier paragraphs. John leaves a legacy in Medina that no matter how hard the challenge is if you put in the hard work and determination then anything is possible and you can achieve anything you dream for in life.