The Church on the Square, Medina United Church of Christ,Congregational

The Church on the Square, as the Medina UCC has come to be known, is rooted in the history of our nation. Its heritage reflects the Puritan work ethic that established religious freedom in North America and continues to value the Christian service that makes Medina comparable to the city upon a hill from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

In the early 1800s, the founding members of this church led their families westward from Connecticut and other Eastern lands to fulfill a calling from God and Country. Settling the Northwest Territory was no small task and the Seven Souls who established The Medina United Church of Christ understood the need for a strong religious tradition for success.

The growing population of Medina County concurred and responded to the need for churches to bring a moral fiber to the territory. Along with Episcopalians, Methodists and Baptists, Medina County prospered during the Second Great Awakening. Farmers and merchants established a culture rooted in religious tolerance, democratic values, the rule of law and a basic respect for fellow man.

Each of these values can still be witnessed within the walls of the United Church of Christ. Through worship, mission work, community action and faith, the congregation continues to be a place the city of Medina can turn to for Christian fellowship.



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