Sidney M. Fenn, born in 1892 came from a long line of ancestry starting somewhere around the early 1500’s with Johannes Fenn. In a later generation Edward Fenn would immigrate to the colonies in the late 1600’s sparking more generations to come. Much of the future Fenn family members became part of the military starting a tradition which dates back to the French and Indian War. This later influenced Sidney Fenn to join the army and around 1917 he deployed to fight in WW1 as part of the 329th Infantry in France before his time as an educator. After that he pursued his desired career and went to Ohio state to earn a teaching degree much like his past generations of family members who were also educators. He also participated in many programs such as the YMCA, Salvation Army, American Legion, Kiwanis and many more. He married his wife Doris E. Camp in 1938 and had 3 children, 2 of them living today. Several years later she died forcing Fenn to raise the children on his own taking on the role of both parents as well as working for the school system.

Fenn had been a very important figure in the Medina City School systems. First became a school teacher, then the principal of Medina High School, and finally, he ended his career as the 14-year superintendent of Medina City Schools. And with a Bachelors degree of Science (more specifically agriculture) and a Masters degree in Economics, he had been a well rounded educator, with many years of teaching under his belt. Being born and raised in Medina, so there could be no better place to start and end his teaching career.

During the time of his career with the economy booming and more families than any other American generation. Teachers were needed to enforce a promising new peer group to come through. Fenn, a very strong educator had a certain love for the school system and everything about it, which is why when he took over as superintendent, he made sure that the Medina City School system was a well oiled machine. Having gone to Medina as a child, he wanted to continue the tradition of a strong education program in Medina, and that's just what he did. He helped shape medina into what it is today: a city known for excellence in education. Fenn died in 1982 being remembered as an important contributor to the Medina community. He joins Eliza Northrop, Howard Claggett, and Ella Canavan on the list of educators who contributed to Medina's excellent school system.



Donna Stoman Remembers the Schools
Today's Medina Middle School, Claggett, used to be the High School, as Stoman recalls.
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