Eliza Northop

When many people of Medina hear the name Eliza Northrop, the first thing that comes to mind is the Elementary school that was named after her. While miss Northrop lived in the earlier 1800s, she is a very important person in the history of this town.

Eliza Northrop was the daughter of a pioneer family that moved to Medina from Connecticut. As a young woman, she became the first teacher in the very first school in Medina.

Established in 1817, miss Northrop's class took place in a small log cabin. There were 24 students, both boys and girls, of various ages who attended the school. These children came to class willingly whenever they were able to get out of working at home.

Eliza Northrop's school is very different from the school system we have in place today. Over time, schools have changed to accommodate the demands of the time. Schools today are much bigger and there is a public school system in place. A lot has changed, but Eliza Northrop is the one who started it all in Medina.



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