Ida Cannon

The little girl was walking down North Court street, looking for her brother. She walked around, trying to see what is past the cars chugging by, and spotted the Cannon Grocery store instead. She wandered over, looking through the glass to see what is there. The little girl walked in, and saw the candy counter. She asked, very politely, "What can I get for 10 cents?" and Miss Cannon gestured to the larger section, with more colors and candies. The little girl wondered how Miss Cannon can run a whole store by herself. As she handed Miss Cannon her dime, she was still thinking. Miss Cannon got the candy, and tied it up in a brown bag with a bit of pink ribbon. The little girl smiled again as she headed out the door, walking back towards her home. She found her brother, but still thought that she could try to find a better way to ask if she goes back to the store. Miss Cannon does run a whole grocery store by herself.

Miss Ida Cannon had run the Cannon Grocery store for a while. Her father, John Cannon, owned it before her, and she knew how to run it at an early age. She was dedicated to the store, running it all the way up until closing day in the 1970's. She sold her store to friends, who eventually turned the Cannon Grocery Store into the Gramercy Gallery, an upscale gift store, which is still open on 221 North court Street today. Miss Cannon was a great clerk who cared about each customer. She tied all the bags and parcels with ribbon, to add a personal touch. She stood behind the counter to get everything the customer needed. She had delivered groceries too. The boys she hired called her old station wagon the "Cannon-ball". She was a wonderful woman who ran a store all by herself.

Miss Cannon sold everything. She had cheese, sorghum, jello, anything. It was amazing that she could keep up in the world of business, be a woman, and do it all by herself. She never married, but she was a strong woman who could get the job done. She worked hard and when the store closed, many people in Medina came to the auction to buy pieces to remember Miss Cannon. Everybody wanted something to remember the store, and the wonderful woman who ran it so well.