John Makse

John Makse had recently come out of High school when he decided to go into the Air Force and start his career as a mechanic. He went through training, and learned to respect the drill sergeant, but after awhile he learned to respect others and got through in one piece. after that, they wanted him to work on high powered explosives and other equipment that in the end would help hurt people, but he said no and demanded that he be a mechanic. He worked this career for awhile and after getting out was able to find a nice job that suited his new talent. He worked at many different airlines, fixed many different planes, and learned more about the planes he fixed, the people he met, and the values he learned all because he decided one day that he would go into the Air-force. He raised a family, and is still raising a child now, the Air-force is the main reason why he has this amazing ability to help and push through many obstacles that come when having kids and being married. He would not change his mind, even if he was able to change it.

John never really got to know any other officers or anything, he did have friends during his time in service, but never made any long time ones. It really shows how Grenada was a significant event from the fact that he does not have much else to say other than what he has told me in the interview. He also got out earlier due to the fact that he was done and Grenada had ended, so they said he could leave, he was only in the service for around two thirds the time you are supposed to be.




John Makse and the rest of his crew at the Air-force base. He never talks about them, and has not kept in contact with them, really showing how little the experience has brought them together. View File Details Page

John Makse sitting in one of the many vehicles he has fixed. View File Details Page



John Makse's parents visiting him and climbing on a helicopter. View File Details Page

Another plane fixed by the mechanics crew, John Makse being one of the crew. View File Details Page

One of the bases.

One of the bases.

One of the many bases John Makse had to travel to. John did a lot of traveling while in the Air-force. View File Details Page


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