Mayor Dennis Hanwell

Mayor Dennis Hanwell is a heroic, key figure of Medina Ohio. He has bundles of leadership qualities that he stretches to the best of his abilities. A unique trait Mayor Hanwell carries is that he is extremely loyal to everyone he meets. He most importantly respects everyone's point of view on various subjects that are discussed on and off his job. Some other distinctive qualities he uses to serve Medina is his sense of humor. He is an easy going person and is open to everyone's ideas. His job requires countless hours of hard work everyday. It's not just a 9 to 5 job a lot of people have. His loyalty to the city is more important than his personal accomplishments.

He attended the University of Akron and received an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. He also proudly collected a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration at Tiffin University. Prior to becoming mayor, he had over 30 years of law enforcement experience. He started out as an officer, then gradually moved up the ranks to Lieutenant, then finally police chief of the City of Medina.

Mayor Hanwell chose to run for office of the mayor as it would be a natural next step for him. The previous mayor was resigning and he felt that his election would save the jobs of other city officials. If the political party of the mayor changes in an election, often times those employees hired under the previous mayor would be replaced. He believed the city had a great thing going, so he resigned from his position of police chief and was successful in becoming mayor of Medina.

Under Mayor Hanwell's leadership, the City of Medina was named one of 100 best communities in the nation for young people by CNN Money. One of Mayor Hanwell's biggest goal is to strive to keep Medina a fun, spirited community the way it had been and improve it to the best of his abilities. Medina continues to increasingly grow every year with Mayor Hanwell.

He stated why Medina is winning best affordable place to live, and also why it's the best place to celebrate Christmas. He stated, "Everyone is really pushing towards to the same direction. It's mostly with the help of the Administration, the Council, The Chamber, and lastly the schools."



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