MEDINA COUNTY has attracted thousands of people since its founding in 1818. Yet, many of them have yet to discover its rich history, a history that centralizes on a location passed by many people every day, the Public Square. Although the square has caught fire twice since the 19th century, it has steadily risen to model its rural beginnings. Public Square would touch its roots again in the 1960s, through a restoration process that preserved and uncovered quaint Victorian buildings. By the late 1980s Medina's population was booming, and its economy was excelling like never before. Even though the face has remained the same, the culture of the city has greatly changed. The Public Square may have been central to the city, but much of the business traveled north to many new shopping center complexes and fast growing food chains. The Public Square has remained stagnant since then, home to specialty stores and providing products that are not easily found in chain businesses. However, beyond these stores, the Square still serves as "the symbolic heart of the community."

One of these such buildings stands as a reflection of the decades from the 1940s to the present. From Medina's time as a small farm town to its present population of more than 150,000, the addresses of 7,8, and 10 Public Square are comprised into one store front that's history is as dynamic as the county it stands in. The building is defined into three distinct stages that accurately reflect the changing culture of Medina County:

Image Courtesy of: Medina Historical Society