Fremont O. Phillips

Fremont Phillips is a fellow Medina native who was born on the day of March 16, 1856 and died on February 21st, 1936. He served on the 56th United States Congress and he played a pretty big role during the time he served for the United States Congress. During this time there was a big thing going on. Panama wanted a canal to go through them so it would be easier for them to travel, so you could travel through panama and not have to sail around it and around a bunch of other countries on the way to your destination on where you are going, but originally the United States and Britain signed a treaty to build the canal through Nicaragua instead of Panama, but Panama did not want that to happen. Panama wanted to be their very own independent country and completely on their own. This is where Fremont comes into play because since he was apart of the Congress at the time he had to help out with the decision to build the canal in Panama. So his vote on sending supplies over to Panama and deciding if we should build a canal there was pretty important. The votes passed and there was another treaty signed which stated that the canal was to be built and put in Panama to help them gain their own independence. In the end Fremont Phillips played a big roll in the vote to build the Panama Canal.
Fremont also played major parts in the Medina community. He was the mayor of Medina from 1886-1890. He was also elected Probate Judge of Medina County in 1924, he was also reelected in 1928 and served until 1932. Fremont remained a symbol in Medina until February 21st, 1936 when he passed away. He is buried in Medina at the Spring grove Cemetery . Fremont will always be remembered in Medina as one of our best historical leaders.