Elmer Zarney

Elmer Zarney

Elmer Zarney played an important role in the community of Medina from the 1950's all the way through the day he passed in 2007. From the age one on he was a part of Medina always living here except for when he was in the Air National Gaurd for 10 years being stationed all of the United States and fighting in the European Theater. Being a part of World War 2 probably influenced the way he lived the rest of his life through his art.

Elmer Zarney was stationed all across Europe in different bases seeing different countries and much destruction in the countries. Zarney was very proud of his work in the military and respected his country. After finished with his service in the Ohio Air National Gaurd Zarney returned to Medina and studied art at the Cleveland Institute of Art. At the same time Medina was attempting to modernize the square by demolishing old, historic buildings or turning them to look modern. Zarney and some other members of the community didn't like the way the square was becoming modernized and knocking down historic buildings. In attempt to stop the city from demolishing old buildings they formed the Community Design Committee. They formed this in attempt to fight the modernization and restore Medina to its old style architecture. Zarney created a rendering of the squares to show how the buildings could be restored. The picture helped launch the restoration of the square. Zarney may have used his experiences in European countries to help the group re-design the buildings into Victorian style buildings. After being in Europe and seeing the destruction that the country went through with many beautiful buildings being destroyed it may have made him want to return to Medina and keep it's historical sights in tact. This is probably what drove him to preserve the square. By 1975 the square's restoration was mostly complete.

With out Elmer Zarney and his group of CDC members the square would likely not have the beautiful sights of early Medina as you see today. Without his ambitious attitude to turn the square around Medina would likely not be the growing suburb it is today.



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