Harrison Gray Blake

Harrison Gray Blake (1819-1876) lived a much more eventful and left many more memories behind then most. He built the Phoenix Bank the now sits on the beautiful Medina square, he was also a member of Congress and the speaker for the Ohio Legislature. Though one very defining memory that he will forever be ground into Medina history for is his work along the Underground Railroad. Medina was the second to last stop on the Underground Railroad. H.G Blake's home was the last stop in Medina before the slaves traveled to Oberlin and then on to freedom in Canada. He hid the slaves in both his attic and the basement of his families home. Their home was the place that he first showed his daughters the cruelty of slavery when they was taken into the attic of the home and introduced to a slave that have been severely wiped and the wounds disinfected with salt. This was a sight what would stay with them both for the rest of there life. Blake was a strong believer in equal rights through out all on his life. Due to these beliefs he was seen as a strong candidate for someone that would help end the slave laws. Soon in 1848 he was elected into the Ohio Legislature and led the repel on the laws on slavery. He was awarded from his work on ending the danerous laws on slavery and presented with a silver cup by the Young Whigs of Ohio. To show the towns gratitude for everything he did H.G. Blake Elementary was built in his honor. Through his actions in his life he will forever be remembered as a man who shrived above and beyond for what was right.



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