Albert Munson was a man of many talents. He started off as a probate judge of Medina, and later owned a hardware store with his two children. People appreciated his contributions to Medina, but they did not know everything that went on behind closed doors. Munson knew how to contact the dead and would have seances many times within his home, seances are just like mediums today. In a seance a meeting of people come together for one purpose, to contact the dead Durning these seances his daughter Cora recorded his information in a journal. What would you have thought if you found his journal? Would you think he was insane, or would you believe his stories? He called the ghosts his Spirit Children and would often talk to them. Some photographs taken of Munson reveal the spirits. If you look just close enough, you might be able to spot a ghost. You never know what you can find when you dig deep into the story of a man who contacts the dead. So close your eyes and walk further and further into the hardware store where Munson dedicated his life to. Now and days this once handy man store is filled to the brim with treats for a puppy loving paradise. However, behind these doggy decadents lies an evil secret within the walls. Munson and his Spirit Children are known to still linger in the hallows of Medina County. His wish is for you to know he is there. He'll flicker the lights, drop the paintings off the wall, and make little children's hats dance among the air. What will he do next? Are his intentions kind and only for wit? Or to cause harm to the innocent? Well, you'll have to trust, close your eyes and be ready for a journey you'll never forget. Albert Munson and his entire family were very active when it came to political, social and commercial aspects of the town. Socially he sprung the idea of ghosts in the very presence of Medina,Ohio, he also worked as a probate judge and served very politically to the growth of Medina. Economically Munson was off fine, he contained piles of money from being a probate judge, his house being viewed by many for his seances, and his other job as a hardware man with his son. After Albert died the family fled, however his story, thoughts, ideas, and soul still wander around Medina Ohio, looking for a scare in this world.


The Art that Flies
Here the owner of one of the shops now placed in the old Munson Hardware store, talks of the ghost experiences she's felt within the store. From bouncing artwork, to lights flickering. She is spooked almost everyday by this mischievous soul,...
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Mischievous Soul
Here she begins to expand on the idea of Munson's mischief and games that he plays amongst these walls. He wants to cause no harm she states, rather just allow a little bit of playfulness in this boring world, he once lived in. She also mentions...
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This is another store owner within the walls of the old Munson store that on occasion haunts her and her co-workers as well. Hats have fell and doors have been shut. It seems as if almost every shop keeper in the Munson store has felt a bit of his...
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