Lloyd Bougher

Lloyd was a guy who went all out never did anything halfway. He also did whatever he could to help others, even if he didn't get anything out of it.

He was in high school around the time World War 2 began. He was drafted and served in a anti air unit which was all over France late in the war. At this time, he was living in Medina and when he got back from the war he could not bring himself to finish high school. After dropping out of high school, Lloyd's first job was at the Farmer's Exchange as a delivery man. He delivered truck loads of coal to farmers. Then soon after delivered truck loads of feed.

He always had a love for cars and trucks. This led him to get the gas business after his work at the Farmer's Exchange. Back then gas stations were not the same as they are today. They were called service stations because they did not only give you gas but the employees washed your windows, checked your oil, and any kind of repairs needed. He became manager of several Marathon stations in town. He prided himself with great customer service and expected his employees to do the same. One time an employee came back from giving a costumers gas but did not wipe his windows or check his oil. He asked "why did you not wipe the guys windows?". The reply was "he did not ask me to". Lloyd's reply was "well you should have asked him if he wanted it done and checked his oil". Another aspect of a service station at that time was tow trucks.. It was not required but Lloyd loved the idea of it and made it happen. He used these tow trucks not only to help his stations but to help the county of Medina the best he could. For example, he used to tow Santa's house to the square for the holidays.

With the money he earned from his job, he bought a 1937 Chevrolet. He would drive this to Wadsworth almost everyday on his lunch hour. The reason for this was a girl he liked very much. They could not date because her parents would not let her. This did not stop him from seeing her. This girl eventually became his wife and they married in 1946.

Today the gas stations are no longer his. Marathon wanted him to change to what gas stations are today he refused. Today, there is a Lloyds towing in Medina run by one of his grandsons who still carries on the same customer service and hard work Lloyd started.