Phyllis Porter

Porter's Shoe Repair owners, Herbert and Phyllis Porter love Medina County. They say that the people have always been nice. Located in the center of Medina, on W. Liberty Street, the repair shop is still running after 56 years of work.

It all started with Herbert Porter's father, Robert Porter. The family ran a dry cleaning business in Akron and it delivered to its customers in Medina. His father saw a need for a repair shop, and bought the building that it uses today. The family never moved to Medina.

Phyllis Porter, from South Carolina, married Herbert and was brought into the family business. Sewing was her hobby as a child. She noticed how the stitching on the shoes could be done with a sewing machine. Phyllis spent a lot of time watching her husband until she got the hang of of it and has been repairing ever since.

The shoe repair business has died down over the years. Customers just don't see a need for it, they would just go and buy another pair if one was broken. In 1965 fixing a single ladies heel was $0.75. Today, in 2012, it is $15.00.

Porter's today can repair and shine all different types of shoes. Mr. Porter says now a days though, shoes are getting harder and harder to repair, which makes the price drive. Porter's will look at any kind of damaged shoe they can. Phyllis says that she likes a challenge, but sometimes she may have to say no.

The shop is full of antiques. There's an old coke machine and an antique cash register high up on a shelf. People do ask to buy them, they do though, politely say no.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter's children have not adapted the shoe business. Mrs. Porter says, "After us, this is it."

The Porter's are great leaders within Medina County. They have great determination and still have the same perseverance as they did when the shop first opened.

The Porter's love their location. Mostly because of all its surrounding parking spaces that allow people to notice their business. Their loyal customers and genuine personalities keep the shop strong and successful.



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