Elsie Bennett Wilson

Elsie Bennett Wilson was born in Medina in 1890. Mrs. Wilson was a huge activist for woman's rights. She believed in equality for all. She played a huge role in our library system. However was never actually a librarian at the Medina County Library. She put her whole life into improving the library system and having a voice in woman's. Mrs. Wilson's family owned Bennett lumber in Medina. So her family was pretty well off, and had a role in the town's economic growth.

From a young age she didn't let her gender get in the way of anything. She went to Mather College in Cleveland, Ohio. She was an active campaigner of woman's rights. She also was a speaker of the Suffragette circuit. After the 19th amendment was passed she didn't stop there, she went on to join the League of Women Voters. She also became very active in the Republican Party. She also served as a delegate in 1932 Republican National Convention.

In 1925 she became a member of the board of trustees for the Franklin Sylvester Library. She served until 1975. The library expanded in 1975 the new edition was then named the Elsie Bennett Wilson Wing. They named this after her because of all of the work she put into the library systems.

Elsie was also a member if the Ohio Trustees Association. She served as the president from 1939 to 1947. In 1947 she was appointed to the state library board. She served on that board until 1968.

Information courtesy of Medina County Library



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