Lathrop Cooley Fountain

The drinking fountain on the town square in Medina, Ohio is more than just a momento to a bygone era, but a long lasting reminder of an everlasting movement. It bears the name of one Reverend Lathrop Cooley, preacher in Cleveland and summer resident of Medina. Donated by his wife in 1910 after his death it is a support for the temperance movement. Her hope was that people would drink the clear water of the fountain and not need to turn to alcohol for nourishment. This hope has lasted for over one hundred years as people often speak of the clean, tasty drinking water available for free.

The small town of 1000 people had several problems when Cooley moved into town. There were several bars in the town, and a brothel had opened up nearby.

Over the last hundred years, Medina has gone through major changes. What was once a small agricultural town has evolved into a bustling exurb that will continue to see growth in years to come. This growth was followed by Cooley as he lived in the town from the 1880' s until shortly before his death in 1910. His house in the city was just two blocks from the Square that makes up the central hub of the town. Though the house has been replaced the memory of what this great, but long forgotten man did lives on with the drinking fountain erected for him.

A few things have remained the same, however, throughout the years. The Medina Square is a true icon of the city's past, and one of the most important people in Medina's history is Lathrop Cooley. Reverend Cooley is not often remembered in the way that he should be, but the fountain on the Square stands as a testament to his impact on Medina. We are reminded of Lathrop Cooley every time we take a drink of refreshing water on the Square.



He That Giveth a Cup of Cold Water
This quote, as written on the fountain, makes a biblical reference to Matthew 10:24. Religion was a major factor for the temperance movement which Mrs. Cooley was a major supporter of.
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Honest Water that Never Left Man in the Mire
This quote from Shakespeare shows the determination and valor of Mrs. Lathrop Cooley in her temperance beliefs.
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