On a tree-lined side street just west of the square, a large victorian home quietly resides among its smaller neighbors. Most Medinians do not travel down this side street, and the few that do are able to admire the home's beauty and craftsmanship from a distance. What the onlooker misses, however, is the rich family history that built the home, and in a way, is built into it. Over the past 122 years, the McDowell-Phillips House has withstood a changing community and nation. It has weathered fires and deaths, but it has also witnessed births, holiday gatherings, weddings, and countless other memories. In a society where families are growing farther apart, the McDowell-Phillips House has successfully united a family over an increasingly difficult test of time, and it continues to do so to this day. Although the house is something of grand stature, almost a "mansion" of sorts, the family has affectionately and humbly referred to it as "the big house," and they are proud not for its grandeur, but rather for the proud history they have created within its walls, in Medina, and in the United States. The McDowell-Phillips House does not only represent a rich historical structure, it also represents the story of a family deeply rooted in their community and their values. It should come as no surprise that the McDowell-Phillips House still stands today in the same condition it did in 1890, as the family that built and continues to reside there has put in the same effort and dedication into its maintenance as they have into their work, family, and community. The McDowell-Phillips house is truly a Medina landmark and stands to represent the enduring values of an entire community, as well as a place bearing witness to a family history that is as eccentric as its architecture.



Christmas Memories of Betsy Phillips

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Elevator Tumble Story
As told by Drew Phillips.
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