Situated in the heart of the South Court Street Historic Neighborhood District, the Malloy-Paisley Home stands as a testament to Medina's captivating history. From antique shop owners to town mayors, its residents have greatly enriched the surrounding community. The enthralling stories of the residence and its inhabitants throughout the past two centuries are worth delving into, and serve as evidence to the unmatched charm of the City of Medina. Its renovation in 1961 along with the addition of several updates throughout the past half century have finalized the blue street corner home into what most modern passersby recognize it as. This remodeling involved the replacing of servant's quarters on the East end of the home, the remnants of which are still apparent. Other antiquities include the stone slab in the front yard, the Rockefeller painting (with a fraudulent signature!) located in the breakfast room, and the knob on the newel post of the foot of the staircase, which may contain amity documents. Certain areas of the home illustrate themes throughout American history, as the servant's quarters correspond to American norms during post-Civil War reconstruction. The home's alleged connections to oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller also speak to its significance during the industrial time period, and the emphasis of capitalism on developing lands. This South Court St. home now belongs to the Edmonds family, who have maintained its upkeep and made modifications while still preserving its historical significance. 706 South Court St. has housed some of Medina's most celebrated individuals while exhibiting characteristics and undergoing changes reflective of time periods in both American and local history. Whether it's the withstanding of a 1905 arson attempt or repelling of ghosts with haint blue paint over the porch, this home has managed to remain standing for all to enjoy and understand for over thirteen decades, and will continue to do so for countless years ahead.



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