The Spitzer House, located four blocks from the square in Historic Medina County, has a history just as charming as its appearance. At first glance, the nineteenth century Victorian style home may seem to be merely a respectably quaint Bed and Breakfast. Few may know of the simply enchanting beauty, or intriguing history surrounding the building. The Spitzer House is not only noteworthy due to its grandiose commodities, but also for a unique circumstance that has been known to attract attention from ghost hunters. Yes! Believe it or not, small town Medina, Ohio is home to its very own haunted house. It may be just a hoax, although several interesting reports of feelings of presence, mysterious voices, and tunes playing from the piano in the abandoned parlor, definitely contribute some substance to the claims. The ghostly presence that has made the Spitzer House famous for supernatural encounters has attracted a vast array of attention from thrill seekers across the country. The arcane sense of intrigue that surrounds the history of the home has attributed to several significant accomplishments, some of which include the Spitzer House being recognized in the "Haunted Ohio" book series, as well as being named among Bed and Breakfast's list of haunted inn's. The heritage of the home can today still be recognized considering that each of the bedrooms in the house are named after a family member who once lived there. For example, Ceilan's room is said to be haunted by an austere looking man, thought to be the general himself. Also, Anna's room, is known to be often visited by an apparition of a servant girl. Numerous accounts from guests and ghost hunters alike have reported seeing this very same servant girl standing at the top of the staircase. Whether these stories hold any truth or not, it's obvious the fascinating history of the Spitzer House will never be silenced. Of course a home with such a rich history could never be forgotten, especially a building that even today echoes with the voices of its past.



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