Medina Youth Football

Football has always been a proud American tradition, and for Medina that is no exception. In the 1960s the community desired a football league for young boys, thankfully Chet Cypher and other community members stepped up. Since 1968, PeeWee football has grown in importance and become a central organization to the youth of Medina. Boys of Medina find themselves learning essential life lessons while playing "The greatest game ever created." Since its inception the Medina boys have played against Wadsworth boys, as both communities share the league and worked towards the common goal of turning boys into men.
Many good times are had by the youth of the Pee Wee league and there are many popular stories circulated about the league. The community would truly be at a loss without the humorous and entertaining exploits of Medina Youth Football. Even before the start of the program Medina was interested in football. According to Jo Ann King, there was a play in which the whole team merely picked up their quarterback who held the ball and threw him over the defensive line.
The organization of Medina Youth Football was an essential turning point for the youth of the city of Medina. At the time, the youth were unable to participate in many activities outside of the fair and Scouting, and with football, they were given something fun to do. Medina Youth Football as an organization has always attempted to better the lives and the morals of the boys who have joined it. Through the program, many young men learned the values of camaraderie, teamwork, and ethics. Another benefit provided by the program, is that it brings the community together in a common activity that they can all enjoy. In working together, the parents, volunteers, and boys of Medina give the community something that was truly great.
Although the teams have not always had winning seasons, the league itself has been successful. Medina Youth football has grown from its small foundations of a two city league, and has now grown to be part of the All Ohio Youth Football League, playing teams as far away as Kent! When the league first formed as a PeeWee organization, it was small. Despite having no wins in the first season, the first game was 12-14 and the Mustangs had no time to practice! Ultimately the lack of wins the first season was due to lack of practice, as the boys were able to start having a winning season and in just the second year going to the PeeWee championships!



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