During a warm spring day in Medina a swarm of bees covered the county. A man walked into a jewelry store on the Medina Public Square and was bet by the young owner of the business a dollar that he couldn't catch the bees. The man took the bet and set out to complete the task, hours later he returned with a large box full of bees. The business owner that made the bet was Amos Ives Root, and after that event he was pulled into the industry of bees. He went up to Cleveland and purchased a lot of bee captivating equipment. Without competition his hobby rapidly became a very profitable entrepreneurship. It didn't take long for him to expand large enough and sell the jewelry store and make beekeeping his full time business. His honey propelled him and his company, competing in a national market. After World War I the price of honey drastically plummeted and he found his way into the candle industry. Root was constantly leading the pack when it came to beekeeping and that is what set him apart from the rest. A young man who was trying to make a living went from running a small business on the square to having his name fronting a nationally renown company.

Since 1869, the A.I. Root Candle Factory has made innovating steps towards a future civilization, constantly staying on top of the business. Behind every business is few great workers to get it on its feet, in this case it was one man, Amos Ives Root. Amos was not only a great businessman, but a great scientest, humanitarian, and inventor. His impact in Medina has lasted long after his death with his business still running, now in its fifth generation of the family, and even having a middle school named after him. A.I. Root Candle Factory has a rich history and still leaves an impact on the community, it represents not only a great business, but a great man.



The Battling Bee
Mr. Knight, current Sidney Fenn principle, discusses the importance and meaning of the Medina Battling Bee.
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