Cora Munson lived a life characterized by will power, charm, and a little mystery. Her family history started with Lyman Munson Sr., Cora's grand father, and his decision to make the 700 mile trek to Ohio. He came with only 25 cents in his pocket, a wife and daughter, and an ox team. The Munson family grew, and Cora was born in 1857. She fell in love with the now "Munson Home" years before she moved in. Attending school in Medina at the time, she passed it every day on her way to and from school, admiring the unique side porch, ornate woodwork, and overall cozy appearance. It was her wish to live there, and she was ecstatic when the family moved into the quaint Italianate Victorian home.

This house served as more than a house however, sharing Cora's same qualities of charm and mystery. The Munson family was famous for holding séances, coaxing various spirits into Medina from the past. The family also maintained a hardware store, and Cora ran it single-handedly up until 1938 exemplifying independence and creating a legacy having entered a man's profession with such grace. Along with running the store, Cora was extremely involved in the community.

In 1985, the Munson house was moved from its original location. There was fear of demolishing the old home, destroying a precious piece of Medina's history, but the effort of caring Medina citizens kept the home standing.



Judy Davanzo on Medina Family Tradition and Cora as a Businesswoman
In this audio clip, Judy Davanzo shares the importance of family togetherness, and staying in one's hometown. Medina in the early 1900's was known for being family oriented, with children staying in the house where they grew up, instead of...
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