Well known watercolor artist, Mr. Franklin C. Graff, plays a large role in the history of Medina. Graff has painted multiple paintings of Medina’s beauty that it holds, including landmarks like the town’s Gazebo. His paintings are known for capturing the spirit of the moment and his pictures do just that. Mr. Franklin C. Graff lives a decent life, but his house shows otherwise. The Graff household has seen many rough years in America and it continued to watch as the small town of Medina has dealt with large, nationwide struggles.
Ohioans struggled to live a decent life during the 1880’s. Rapid industrialism became a common tradition and many buildings/houses had been created. This led to structures being built in order to maintain supplies and meet citizens demands. Ohio residents now became more fortunate than others when it came to their occupations and incomes. Due to the unfair society conditions, small town farmers and immigrants struggled to live a decent life. Separation, varying wages, and “social classes” then occurred. Neighborhoods in Medina reflected a working class experience.
Fortunate migrants of small town Medina now became capable of finding a decent lifestyle. Though small cities often benefited from America's intentions, things changed when the acquired supplies went towards gaining advantages in the first world war. All the expenses of this war began to deteriorate and wear on the economy, resulting in the Great Depression. This affected not only the government, but America’s people too. Due to the harsh conditions that occurred, common men struggled to survive. Residents of cities, such as medina, now began to experience bankruptcies and trials.
After several grueling years, the Great Depression ended. Soon after life began to take a turn for the better, residents learned that the Second World War had begun. Americans once again faced many hardships after the war ensued. Due to low income, families struggled to survive. The era of the Cold War then took it’s frigid grasp upon America’s people.
Though city residents went through a long span of tough years, each event helped to structure America towards today’s time. Although the nation fluctuated in power, America stayed a strong influence towards foreign countries. The American common man, although faced with many trials, persevered through all of the times that ultimately made America a stronger nation. Society adapted, the economy grew rapidly, and rights for the American people became thus just.



Fredrick C. Graff's Learnings
Franklin Bates was Graff's most influential mentor he has yet to have. Bates taught Graff everything he knows and he has taught him beyond art. Graff learned valuable life lessons that he cherishes and now lives his life by.
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