Ever since the beginning Medina Square has been a beautiful upcoming attraction, full of new stores and new faces. JP Miller, an experienced merchant for over 45 years had been the oldest known merchant in the community. His store, JP Miller Dry Goods, at the time became one of the places that everyone in town went to for millinery, fancy goods, and dry goods. During the midst of the Industrial Revolution, Miller’s store boomed.
Throughout the years, the store has been everything from a candy shop, an insurance agency, and it’s present day state, as an ice cream parlor. Tony’s Candy Kitchen had been built in 1938, 68 years after the building had been originally built. Tony’s Candy Kitchen thrived despite the ongoing Depression, because Medina had not been not majorly affected by the stock market crash.
JP Miller, the original owner, had a lot of pride toward his building and would want it in the hands of a trustworthy person. Before Miller passed away, he left his nephew, Frank Miller, his company. For years, Frank ran the dry good store until selling it to another businessman. After the original sale, the building has been passed from owner to owner. JP Miller would have wanted the building to stay in the family, but would not be mad at Frank due to his businesslike nature. Looking at the businesses, JP Miller would have felt a great pride in being the original owner of the building and watching the building become a prosperous addition to the square.
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