269 Rustic Rook, Chippewa OH

On a warm spring day in 2009, Bill and Connie Glasenapp humbly purchased a home closer to their family. Before purchasing the property, the two appreciated and enjoyed the historical background of the home and village. In recent years, Medina residents such as the Glasenapp’s at 269 Rustic Rook, have realized the diamond in the ruff that is The Village of Chippewa Lake, as well as the beauty and deep history of the homes the community contains. The Glasenapp’s home was built in 1929, after a man named Oscar Townsend developed a prosperous vacation spot, Chippewa Lake Park, in the 1880s. The lake provided job opportunities for many different people when the amusement park opened as well as providing entertainment for families. Once used as a home for rent to amusement park attendees, the Industrial Revolution, opening of Cedar Point, and the lack of major highways near the spot contributed to the park’s downfall and eventual closing in 1978, and changed the home and surrounding others into abandoned run down dwellings.



House Background
The house, built in 1929, was used as a summer cottage. When first built, the house was in poor condition but with a little fixing it became liveable.
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1920's Houses
Connie Glasenapp describes 1920's homes like her's and their qualities. There are many difference between homes build in the 1900's, and the ones built today.
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Deteriorating Business
As time went on, "bigger and better" things such as Cedar Point and 6 Flags were created. Because of this, business at Chippewa Lake Amusement Park slowly started to decrease causing the business to eventually shut down.
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"Chippewa is a culture"
Bill Glasenapp makes it clear that living in Chippewa on the lake isn't only a place to live, its a lifestyle and a culture. Residents here enjoy and appreciate the historical background of life on the lake.
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