First Baptist Church of Medina

Many people look for hope in their darkest hour, First Baptist Church (FBC) has served as a light in the darkness for the people of Medina. It has given the people of the United States of America hope throughout all of its trials from the Revolutionary War and to the “War” on Isis. The USA was founded on the fact that all men were created equal, which is based on the idea of one of the quintessential beliefs of christianity and of FBC. FBC in Medina was and is one of these churches. It was a small church for a small town, at the time, serving as a beacon of hope and comfort for those with problems – being there for the people of Medina in times of need and in times of plenty.People in the United States during WW1, WW2, and the Cold War had a lot of fears and anxieties of the death of their loved ones in those times of great concern. Many people would turn to churches, like FBC, for hope and comfort in their time of dire need. After the return of their fathers, brothers, and sons, the American people became more relaxed with their faith and returned to their old mindset. The American people seemed to follow this pattern in almost every huge crisis in American History. Due to this almost constant fluctuation many churches at this time would hit some points where there congregation would seem to almost end completely. FBC is not an exception to this challenge to spread their message about the saving grace of God. To properly understand the history of FBC, one must first have a brief historical background of Medina. Medina Township was founded by Elijah Boardman in 1807. Twenty-six years later, FBC was organized on August 20, 1833, by fourteen men and women. The church’s first pastor was Reverend M. Newton. As the church grew, local homes and schoolhouses used as meeting sites became inadequate in size. In September, 1845, the church erected its first building at 123 West Liberty Street. At this time the FBC had about 46 members. A few years later, the town square’s first fire struck, devastating the people of this proud and beautiful city, but they carried on. This attitude of perseverance led FBC to continue for another 150 years, even with minor speed bumps during its service to the community.



Miss Minnie's Describing the Church being built
Miss Minnie talks about the first stones and logs being gathered for the foundation and frame. She describes how non baptist people would say how they can not build it because there was too few of them, but they persevered and finished the building...
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Miss Minnie's Observations of the Church in the 1880's
Miss Minnie explains what a normal couple of Sundays at First Baptist Church was back in the early 1880's. She describes her surroundings in the church as well as a few prominent members during this time.
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