Medina County Fairgrounds

As a kid, John will always remember the memories of the fair. His grandparents loved telling him stories of the farmers grouping in the Town Square during the 1830s to share tips and compare their crops. They used to tell him how you could smell the cattle and freshly cut crops from across town. As the years passed the amount of farmers would grow and eventually the farmers’ wives would come to compare crafts. His grandfather was on the first committee that judged the cattle. They tried to form an agricultural organization but was unsuccessful due to lack of organization. However they were successful in forming the Agricultural Society in 1845. His grandparents told him about when the fair moved away from the square to a plot of land. They told him stories about when they added the first race track and all the excitement it caused. They remembered how crowded and popular the fair got until 1859 when smaller counties started make their own fairs. The years following were hard for the Medina Fair because it lost a lot of support which caused them gained a large debt. The Civil War affected many of the smaller towns and their fairs but the Medina Fair survived the war and came out in good financial condition. The fair continued to expand as time passed and buy more acres to add more buildings. His mother loved telling him about when she was little and joined 4H in 1919. As technology improved the fair could be opened for longer because lights were added in 1922. A few years later in 1928 was the first time they had fireworks. His parents remember when they first rode the Ferris wheel after dark, swinging above the lighted, busy fair. His dad tells him about when he tried to impress his mom by winning her a stuffed animal from the new arcade games. A few years later in 1942, the fair was shortened to one day due to the World War. The prizes were also given out in form of war bonds and stamps. Many events were added and taken away over the years. For example, they have had baseball games, balloonists, sack races, and many others. He remember in 1951 when the fair was cancelled due to the polio epidemic. As the years go by he will gain more memories of the fair.



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