Honoring the service of women started over half a century ago, when ladies from the Junior Women's Hospital Auxiliary wanted to have an old-fashioned ball like the tradition started in the South, which would raise money for the hospital. They wanted it to be a fancy event in which attendees could dance the night away with family and friends, as well as see the young girls they loved transformed into young women. Many outsiders may see the ball simply as an opportunity to wear a fancy dresses and gloves, but in truth it represents something much more important. It is one of the few opportunities the women of the county have to recognize each other's dedication to making this community better. The girls involved in what is now called the Spring Leadership Ball are chosen on their fulfillment of certain criteria such as academics, extra-curricular involvement and most importantly, volunteerism. In a time when most of a girl's work was in volunteer form, they did not receive recognition in the form of a paycheck. The ball became that recognition. In an event of true splendor, the community now had a way of honoring the girls who had dedicated their time to making it better. The Debutante Ball is a tradition that gives Medina County a sense of formality and elegance, and boasts the very best group of girls it has to offer. In a suburbanized community, opportunities to take part in such a prestigious event is rare, and so it gives its young leaders a cultural experience that hopefully their daughters will be able to take part in as well. Medina's Victorian-style town square draws visitors to the many shops and restaurants that line its streets, while its excellent school systems bring in families from all over. One way Medina has continued this tradition of excellence is through the honoring of a select group of young ladies every spring.



"How it all started"
Mrs. Marilynn Graebner talking about the origins of the first Cherry Blossom Ball
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"I'm in charge I can do what I want!"
Marilynn Graebner tells of a father terrified to dance
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