Imagine a small-town agricultural village transforming into an economically independent city, such was Medina in the 1900s. So how did Medina become the city it is today? By 1890, Medina County communities were well served by a network of 5 steam railroad companies linking the county to regional and national markets. This helped Medina get more involved in the progress of our country by being able to export our products and help the city grow. The A.I. Root Candle Company was surpassing all previous sales records in manufactured goods, demonstrating how Medina was flourishing. At the time, horses were still the main type of transportation so there was no fast way to get from Medina to the big cities. Because jobs were in the cities, citizens needed to live close to the cities until the invention of the automobile allowed them spread out to suburban communities such as Medina. As the population of this small farm country grew the city spread out and what was once just a square of traffic became a full grown town. It was the invention of the car that made this town and many other towns like it possible. Medina prospered through World Wars I and II and has been a historical demonstration of everything that has happened in our country. Medina went through prohibition, the depression, and suburbanization and after all of this we got the town we now call home.

The building that is now Second Sole was built in 1880 and has seen and been through many of the changes in America. It is a living relic from Medina’s past and tells a story.The building has changed ownerships and been re-designed but it still shows the past of America. The building on 122 Public Square is currently a store for athletic equipment, but it once housed two law firms Along with the other buildings on the square this building, once known as the Snedden Building, should remind Americans of our proud past. Even the fire in the building in 2011 did not harm the outside. The inside was burnt and caused a change in ownership but that is not the historic part of the building. The inside of the building has changed many times but the outside shows the proud history of Medina and is an example of everything American towns have gone through to become what they are today.



Larry Brandel Tells of The Fire from his Point of View
In 2011, a fire ensued in 122 Public Square. According to Larry Brandel, the owner at the time, his secretary often lit candles in the building and they most likely caused the fire. Mr. Brandel was contacted after he left the building and was...
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Larry Brandel Tells Some of the History of the Building
Around the 1970s, Mr. Larry Brandel bought 122 Public Square (which currently houses Second Sole) from a woman with the last name of Snedden. The building had belonged to her husband and was called the Snedden Building, but the building was left to...
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