For many years, the square has existed as the pinnacle of social life in Medina. The busy streets bustle excitedly and the park warmly invites people from all over to take a look at the historic beauty this town has to offer. People can recognize the square's classic Victorian charm and its timeless presence which identifies the city of Medina. Weddings, community and jazz band concerts, family portraits, high school dances, picnics, and countless other activities on the square have helped define Medina as a very social and friendly town.

Even as fires have destroyed the buildings surrounding the historic park grounds throughout the years, the heart of Medina, the Public Square Park, has stood the test of time and can be visited today. From the fountain to the gazebo, from the old wood to the timeless brick, the center of the town has evolved with the times but not strayed away from the beauty and old-time charm that everybody falls in love with. Many different efforts have been made to restore the square park and maintain the fantastic Victorianesque style which the surrounding shops and buildings echo marvelously. Here you can see some of the fantastic landmarks including the beautiful gazebo, the historic cannon, and countless memorial benches, not to mention the magnificent aesthetic appeal which glorifies and exemplifies the true fantastic nature of the town square and the wonderful city of Medina.



Medina's Biggest Fan (and Carpenter)
Here is Medina's biggest fan discussing his work on Medina's gazebo on the square
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Linda Conley on the Square
Here is Linda Conley discussing her experiences on the square in the 1960's, including the teenage dances, band concerts, and the fish pond in the days where the park's lot was emptier.
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