Many communities have had someone who was influential. Harrison Gray Blake was one of those influential figures who help shape the growing town of Medina. After surviving a terrible blizzard as a baby, he became the voice of Medina through his politics and with his great oratory. Along with his great oratory, Blake had many occupations, one of which was a lawyer. Unlike most lawyers he was considered to be fair and Blake would use this fairness regardless of the job or the situation. His fairness allowed the civilians of the community during his time and even in present day to think of him as a very respectable man. Blake's respect allowed him to push the community to various achievements. These achievements such as the Old Phoenix Bank, has had a long lasting impact on the town for generations and most likely will have an impact for generations to come.
Blake hasn't only contributed to the expanding town of Medina, but has also had an affect on national politics and the issues during his political career. Throughout out Blake's life, he was open about his anti-slavery beliefs. Blake's anti-slavery sentiments allowed him to oppose laws that were against runaway slaves. He furthered these feelings during the Civil War by his strong support and assistance to the Union. Though Blake may not of had a strong influence outside of Medina, he is still looked at as someone who should be remembered for his accomplishments. His accomplishments laid out the foundation for a stronger community and his mark on Medina can still be seen today.