The land that makes up America today was once a very empty place, when the homes and other facilities did not exist. When Medina county was developed in 1818, the township was a clear example of this bareness. Prominent Medina resident Roscoe Ewing didn’t build his house until World War II. The land that 867 East Smith Road was first located on was in Montville Township when the fields were vast farmland.The land changed hands several times through the 1800s during Westward Expansion. As Medina County experienced rapid industrialism, the section of property that Akron Road, what we now call Route 18, was sold off into smaller lots. New inventions affected the township and the previous agricultural lifestyles progressed into the manufacturing age. The Great Depression led to additional sectioning off of the land. The once large farm became smaller and smaller farms as Medina County grew. By the time Roscoe Ewing, a successful Cleveland lawyer, bought the land in 1934 he knew Medina County would become a prosperous investment.
Driving through Mr. Ewing’s property today is a huge neighborhood. Along with his house, it is surrounded by many lively homes and citizens. After World War II and the expansion of suburbs in America, the population of Medina increased through the baby boom, the development of the American dream, and the progressing idea of enrichment. For many years, the American Dream portrayed an egalitarian society, and value in having superior materialistic items than your peers. Small towns contained compact neighborhoods, automobiles, and people who were eager to obtain the latest appliances. People were moving out of cities to start their families and settle down in easygoing situations. The economy was becoming stable and the market was positively improving. Today, Medina is a highly developed city and the rich history can be seen through the many founding buildings still present.



renovations to Roscoe's house
The current owner of the house Joann King tells of the renovations they have made to the house since Roscoe and his family sold it to them. Roscoe had a vast amount of farmland, he used the land to raise cattle and he also had a nine hole golf...
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Renovations of the house
The King family wanted to keep the original 1940s feel to the house when they were renovating. The original house was a barn and the King’s discovered that when they remodeled the kitchen. They added aspects of the house that made it feel like...
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farmhouse renovations
A little farther down the street the farmhouse has evidence of being a smokehouse back in the 1940s. The current owners have made several renovations so they would be able to rent the farmhouse to other residents of Medina.
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