Lincoln to Garfield school

During the 1900s, Medina was a small farm town where the only town center and shopping place was the Medina square. Throughout this time Medina grew and became an industrialized town with railroads and cars. After World War II, Medina was booming and Garfield Elementary School was here to stay.

At the corner of Smith and Broadway was a large brick building known as the Lincoln Building. In the early 1900s children walked to school each morning which is why the location of today's Garfield elementary was the center of the town. Having the brick building on the town square was historical and helped Medina grow and become a modern society.



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Former kindergarten student, Mrs.Conley, went yo Garfield Elementary and recalls walking down the street to go to school each morning in 1953. When she was little she remembers not having a bus to go to school but instead her mother driving her or...
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