The Haunting of Mainstreet Cafe

Main Street Cafe… unbenounced to most of those who walk the hallowed ground, the restaurant has been haunted by lost and murdered souls, and with a haunting comes a history. In the 1830s, President Andrew Jackson led the United States through Expansion and Native American removal and population growth. However, the 1830s also brought a deadly new disease, Cholera, a virus that caused severe dehydration and spread through human waste. Cholera wrought havoc among farming communities that were booming much in part due to the the construction of the Erie Canal in the 1820s. Work on the canal required foreign European immigrants throughout the Cleveland area. Medina farmers used the human waste from Cleveland to fertilize their crops. Cholera had an easy entry into Medina.
The land directly on public square of Medina consisted of a courthouse, small shops, and possibly a furniture shop. The land just blocks from the square were farms in which human feces was used. Medina’s undertaker, who worked out of the furniture store that now houses Main Street Cafe, presumingly passed away due to the fatal disease. This begins Daniel’s haunting of Main Street begins.
No odd events occurred until the renovation of the old wine shop directly next to the Main Street Cafe. The owner of the adjacent shop had found human remains and instead of calling the police, he simply threw the bones away to avoid conflict with the police. This caused a stir in a certain vengeful spirit that took up residence in the fancy cafe. The ghost, dubbed “Daniel” by a local psychic, only caused small, insignificant, events at first like hot water suddenly gushing from faucets, unexplainable cold drafts, and exploding lightbulbs, but the occurrences slowly turned violent. For some unknown reason, the malevolent apparition latched onto the dishwasher, Frank. The spirit had broken the faithful employee’s Marine compass, blew up a lightbulb nearby that led to some nasty cuts, and then pushed the poor man down the basement stairs which caused an injured shoulder and neck. But why did “Daniel” attach himself to a restaurant dishwasher? Was there a possible rivalry between their ancestors? Did the Marine Compass spur on a rage within the ghost? And why did the owner throw away human bones? More importantly, how did “Daniel’s” bones come to be buried in a wall? What is “Daniel’s” story? So sit down, get comfortable, and listen up, as we tell you the true origin of one of the lone souls that resides in the Main Street Cafe.