Williams and Batchelder

The Medina square symbolizes a bustling small town that epitomizes americana. Strolling down the street in front of businesses are wives, mothers and women shopping for the week. Kids are running through the centrally located park and bells ring every hour from the churches. Each bell may mean something different depending on the character. 7:00 am bells call businesses to open their doors, 12:00 bells symbolize lunch time and 6:00 pm bells summon children back to their houses in time for a hot meal made by their mothers who bought the ingredients this morning on the same street the children are coming back from. It’s 7:00 after a long day at the office and the two attorneys decide to relieve some stress and take a stroll around the now calmer, but still busy square. They walk around until they reach the local restraunt and stop for a quick refreshment. Restraunts are notorious for being the center of the town gossip and faster than the newspapers, this restraunt is no exception. Open entering the men are greeted with a swarm of interested people asking about their most recent case. The men brush off the many questions and explain that business is left at the office. The church sings it’s song at 8:00 and the men head home. Tomorrow, the square will relive its day in an almost identical pattern, including the law firm that will eventually become Williams & Batchelder.



William Batchelder and wife Eleanor
Joann King of Medina Historical Society talking about William Batchelder Jr. and his wife Eleanor.
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