Pythian Sisters of Medina Ohio

As the house became founded in the very early 1900’s, its residents experienced the times of WW1, the Pythian Sisters organization believes in creating equality for women and WW1 had been the ignition. Simply told, men are going off to war and women are needed to work. In addition to experiencing WW1, enrichment of life in the United States started taking place. The Pythian Sisters home always made life easier for others and more comfortable while also showing interest in the emerging topic of women's rights. The Pythian Sisters is an organization that is filled with compassion for caring for other women. The organization shows morality, integrity, care, and preservation. All of these ideas are derived from the Knights of Pythia; who got their idea from a greek play displaying all of the previously listed qualities.

Protests were being held to reform women's rights during the early 1900's. Women were caring for other women forming a strong bond which is essential when any group wants to make a change. The Pythian Sisters created a large organization that believed in equal rights, good morals, and loyalty. Ironically, negro blood was not accepted into their society in the early years of their founding, which was late 1800's-early 1900's. The house tells a story of many different time periods of change and nurture. Through its long journey of constantly caring for woman and the sick, it stayed open to the public and welcoming to others as requested in the "Long" will. Their home, is your home, their care, is your care.



Diary Entry of Florence Flieler
The diary of Florence shines light onto the love for the Pythian Sisters. She talks of her love and enthusiasm for the organization. The actual text of the diary has been lost a very long time ago. Florence talks about traveling, her position in the...
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