Hiram Bronson

On a typical day in Medina, Ohio in 1812, a plethora of town sheep graze along the gently sloped hills. The people of Medina take their daily strolls through Medina square to purchase yarn, dry goods and share the town’s gossip. Conversation quickly turns to the latest fashion. Farmer’s denim flew off the shelves, so when a young man sporting a top hat, tweed jacket and cane walked down the street, people noticed. Many approached the dashing young man interested in who he was and how he ended up in this part of Ohio. Hiram Bronson arrived in Medina from a small town in Connecticut to start a new life in the Northwest Territory.
As Hiram became known as Mr. Bronson, he took on roles like farmer, store owner, Sheriff, and State Representative. He made large investments in the Northern land of Medina Village and in the railway. He built a Victorian style home, referred to as “Rose Cottage”, and plowed a beautiful farm that contributed to the gorgeous scenery of Medina. It was very impressive for Hiram to make all the contributions in such an unindustrialized time period. He had a dominant standing in the popular farming industry of small town Medina. As a man of many traits, he also ran a dry goods store on the square that brought in a good amount of business for the town. Being a wealthy and successful man, he gave an immense amount of money back into the town, helping it become the booming city we know and love today.
Hiram was an innovator and town founder. At a point in time Hiram made the decision to retire to his tranquil farm alongside his lovely wife, Mary Ann. Medina had trouble not having the powerful Hiram Bronson working in the town, so they elected him as an Ohio State Legislature. The Bronson family name lived on in Medina, but sadly his beautiful picturesque Rose Cottage did not. However, a street dedicated in his name, and a beautiful stain glass window in the popular St. Paul’s Episcopal Church remained for everyone to remember him by.



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