117 West Liberty Street, has progressively changed since the beginning of the 20th century when it was first built, currently it is an Irish pub called Sully’s. Sully’s is a well-known restaurant in Medina County and can be found in the midst of Medina’s square. The pub is a popular restaurant due to its authentic Irish food and it’s ability to embrace everyone for whatever they may be looking for, whether that may be to socialize with friends and family or just to visit an environment that embraces Ireland’s heritage. Throughout the 20th century the various owners have managed to create a family friendly restaurant from a building that was originally an old machine shop. In the early 1900’s the United States was focused on progressing our society and making rapid growths in industrialism and the city of Medina was no different. Sully’s is a prime example of this progressivism in Medina, the transformation of this building over the years from a mechanical shop to a laundromat and many other businesses in between, show the great progression that eventually led to the bustling restaurant we know every day. Medina opened many stores and shops in both the square and elsewhere during this time period and it seems as though every state had one thing in common, everyone was industrializing.
America progressed in almost every aspect during the 20th century, from the mass production of items to the expansion of different retailers to the changing of societal norms. In Medina the increase of businesses wasn’t the only change, throughout this time period African Americans gained civil rights although racially discriminatory groups such as the KKK continued to be prominent in Medina. The industrialism in the United States opened many doors for an increase in immigrants as more opportunities for jobs arised. The rapid immigration during the 1900’s even influenced what is currently occupying the building. An Irish pub would have never been possible without the change in societal norms during this time, without this change Sully’s may have never come about. Many businesses inhabited the building currently known as Sully’s throughout the years and a large part of that had to do with the ever changing progressive period in the United States. 117 West Liberty Street is an ever changing and progressing location similar to The United States, as the people change in their wants the businesses change in their services.



Mr. Morse's Grandfather
Mr.Morse explains how his grandfather had owned Medina Auto Parts and how it was passed down to generations.
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Moving across the street
The audio above is said by Mike Morse, talking about his memories of moving across the street from Sully’s. He recalls moving all of the equipment on hay wagons.
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Uncle George
Mike Morse talks about his memories as a twelve year old in the shop. He tells the story of how his Uncle George would always tell him not to play in the elevator because it was dangerous.
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