Ora Lee Murder 1908

A young, 21 year old woman found dead, on a road, the day before her wedding. Four and a half months pregnant, and last seen entering a mysterious buggy after missing a train to her grandparents’ house . Ora Lee’s story, one of love and murder, brought attention from all around the country to the county of Medina, Ohio. During this time, factory workers like Ora Lee worked up to sixty hours a week for a measly twenty cents an hour. Underprivileged, poor, and living with her grandparents for a large portion of her life, Ora Lee and soon to be husband Daniel Guy Rasor’s love became the source of a mysterious murder that left, and still leaves people confused after over a century. The trial of the decade began in February of 1909, and caused mixed opinions and a split jury. Was Ora Lee shot by her husband in an attempt for him to escape their marriage? Or was she killed by a suitor jealous and angry with her upcoming marriage to Rasor? The cousin that wanted to keep Ora lee away from her grandparents? After a month of hearings, emotional family members, and a limited amount of evidence available because of the technological restraints of the time, Rasor ended up spending eight years in prison for the manslaughter of Ora Lee. Whether Rasor killed Ora Lee or spent years in prison for a crime he did not commit, we may never know. The hoof prints found at the crime scene that matched those of a horse in Rasor’s stables, the evidence that suggested he bought a gun the day of her death, and the possible motives that lay behind this murder are unclear. A strong argument on both sides made the verdict unclear. So, the same question remains to this day: What really happened to Ora Lee? Well, the world may never know.