Medina Spring Grove Cemetery

Ever since its creation in 1883, the Spring Grove Cemetery has been a very important part of Medina County. It actually holds quite an interesting origin story. Cemeteries are burial grounds that provide a means to honor and respect people after they have passed on. The Old Town Cemetery had been crumbling for years and teetered on the brink of maximum capacity; therefore the city council proposed the building of a new cemetery to house the dead (as the era of industrialism encouraged the building of new facilities), this cemetery later became known as Spring Grove Cemetery. After its creation, the Ladies’ Cemetery Association has worked relentlessly on the beautification of this remarkable landmark. They have hosted many fundraisers and volunteered immense amounts of time in order to create many of the beautiful structures in this wonderful cemetery such as the arched stone gateway, the two lakes funded by communal efforts, and the Soldiers Monument that honors soldiers and veterans from the Civil War to the Vietnam conflict. It has become a place of great honor for the dead of our city, especially for those who have served or fallen in the many wars in which they bravely served. They are honored every year on the final Monday of every May when we conclude our Memorial Day Parade at Spring Grove Cemetery and hold a ceremony on Soldiers Mound to pay our respects those who have served or given their lives for the sake of others. Since its humble beginnings this cemetery has provided a final resting place to our ancestors, family, friends and veterans, all of whom can now be at peace, forever.



Matt Hartmen's Experence
Matt Hartmen talks about his experience as a groundskeeper for the Spring Grove Cemetery.
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