Ella Canavan Elementary School

In 1959, Ella Canavan Elementary had been erected and named after the first kindergarten teacher of Medina County, and had been built with the hopes of new opportunities for the small town. According to the Census Bureau, in 1960 Medina had a huge population increase as more people decided to come to Medina, and this increase made the need for a new elementary school, and the solution ended up being Ella Canavan. Eisenhower had control as president during the 1960s, and Michael DiSalle had control as the governor of Ohio.

It opened during the Cold War and the period of Domestic Upheaval, and has continued to enroll the children of Medina up to this day. During the Cold War, on a nationwide scale, education had been stressed for jobs in science and technology in order to beat the Soviet Union in the arms race and space race. Medina also went along for the ride when it came to trying to beat the Soviet Union. Rural towns like Medina are the hearts of America and patriotism there within these towns hold great importance.

Opening Ella Canavan helped promote the theme of Enrichment, the idea that life gets easier and better. Life can get easier when the children of the farmers have an education, they can be able to, help their parents at home, do chores more efficiently, pursue a dream, or go to college.

Domestic Upheaval also helped promote Enrichment by aiming to get every child the fair and equal education that they deserve, as Brown v. Board had ruled. Better education leads to better jobs, which can lead to Expansion of Economic Horizons, a term used immensely after WWII and during the Cold War to support our consumerism. Rural towns like Medina became more and more populated and more suburban. Even today, one can see how Medina has shifted from mainly a farmland to a suburbia with bustling restaurants and large neighborhoods.

With education comes less limits in life, and leads to the Growth of Individual Rights. The education Ella Canavan Elementary provided eventually lead to people being more informed, and well rounded. Children received education in art and music, which can be a fun way to broaden the student's interests. Education also enabled children to learn to vote for what they feel in the polar opposite world of Domestic Upheaval. During Domestic Upheaval, across the countries, people protested for rights of many groups. From women, to African Americans, to Hispanics, rights had been protested and fought for. A rural town like Medina has opportunity to develop and industrialize more.

Early in its history, Medina experienced a blazing fire before the creation of the additions. It also had a fire in 2002. Throughout the time as society changed, Ella Canavan did also. Even though it has changed, the building still holds fond memories for all who go there.



Assemblies and School Spirit at Ella Canavan
Mr. Condit, Canavan's current principal, speaks about assemblies that they have had in the 2014-2015. Assemblies include Leader In Me, reading based ones, Kids Scriptz, and many other ones. School spirit has been shown all throughout the school...
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History of Ella Canavan
Mr. Condit, Canavan's current principal, talks about his knowledge on the history of the building. From it first being built, to current day 2015, he speaks about each renovation that the building has undertaken, and much more.
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2002 Ella Canavan Fire
Mr. Condit, Canavan's current principal, talks about the fire of 2002. He speaks about the missing arsonist, the cost of damages, the impact on the school's faculty and students, and the renovations that needed to be done afterwards.
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