Elijah Boardman

During the late 1700's our first president of the United States, George Washington was serving his final terms. Also at this time, George signed the Treaty of Greenville, this ended the Northwest Indian War in the Ohio Country and limited strategic parcels of land to the north and west. Before the 1800s, most people who called Ohio home earned their living through farming. Ohio's original settlers were the Native Americans. In 1803, Ohio formerly part of Connecticut, became the 17th state. A major transportation development occurred during the middle of the 1800s that continued through the late 1880s. In the year of 1830, the first railroad system was born. These railroads dramatically expanded traffic, and they were not very safe or efficient. These railroads ultimately did amazing things and worked wonders for the United State's economic activity and agriculture.

Elijah Boardman is the man who was credited for finding Medina County in the late 1700's. In September 1795, Boardman became a member of the Connecticut Land Trust, and a buyer of the Connecticut Western Reserve which is now part of northern Ohio. WIth Elijah gaining all this land I believe this is why Elijah moved west to Ohio. Elijah was in Business with a man with the last name Canfield, there is now a town in Ohio called Canfield and also one called Boardman which are named after them. This allowed Boardman and his associates to two townships located there, one being Medina. Elijah is significant because Medina wouldn't have been founded without him.