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A warm summer day, there are festivities all along the Square, people are joyfully shouting to one another, children are playing and there is a nice breeze. A bandana flows lazily from a pole stuck in a beech tree stump-Medina's first American flag. It is the Fourth of July in 1820. There is music floating lazily on the breeze, coming down East Liberty Street from the Square. Ears perk up to the jubilant tones of Fourth of July music, and the source of it is only a quick walk down the street. Medina's Square was the center of life throughout the eighteen and nineteen hundreds, living on East Liberty Street or another street right off the Square allowed a continued connection to the hustle and bustle and activities of Medina. That is still the case today with small cafes and shops dotting the Square, activities including the weekly Farmers Market and International Fest, and the warm, inviting picturesque quality of the Gazebo.



Medina's Trolly Cars
Mr. Jim Cook talks about how people traveled around Medina before automobiles.
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