Griesinger House

In the time period of the 1880's, the United States was beginning to take off to greater heights. Immigrants, whose home countries state of government were gaining more power for themselves, began to travel into the United States in order to chase their dreams, and start a new life with new amazing opportunities. In this case, Andrew Griesinger started a shoe empire that would be passed on to his generations of sons to come.

In 1832, Andrew Griesinger was born on December 22nd in Germany to Andreas Griesinger and Fredericka Brohm. Growing up in a state of government fighting for monarchy against the Roman Catholic Church, a young Griesinger moved to the United States to decide his own fate and follow his own dreams.
On behalf of coming to the United States, the decision on where one should settle for a new beginning was hard, and thoroughly thought out. After entering the country, Griesinger set out on a quest to find the perfect spot to open his own busniess. After searching and searching, he decided on one specific spot, and that spot is Medina, Ohio.
At the time, Medina, Ohio was a frenzy of new business owners, and immigrants with their own dreams to make a reality. Medina was a center spot for trains and buggies creating a swarm of people, new and old, constantly traveling through the city and creating a terrific spot for business. Andrew took advantage of this and decided to open his own shoe store located on the square. And boy was he successful.
Andrew's shoe store was a huge hit! It caught the attention of people near and far, developing a strong, firm base for his store, and would only flourish from there. The money the store brought in helped Andrew in the development of what could be the most beautiful, and expensive house in Medina at the time. His house was the only, all brick house in Medina. With 1,200 square feet a floor, it wasn't small at all. Pocket doors divide room from room with victorian style architecture placed ever so elegantly throughout the house. Stain glass windows, fill the stair case from floor to ceiling, adding an elegant shimmer to the house. A carriage house waits out back for a driver to pull in their car for the night, or perhaps enjoy a night out with friends. And lastly, an attic with oakwood floors used for parties and dancing sits at the top of this mansion. This attic however is the largest in Medina, and is the only one with a view of the entire square. Parties were hosted here, with the attitude of nothing more but to please those with the pleasure of swaying across the floor through the night.
Living in a house like this was not cheap. But Andrew played his cards right, and took advantage of the opportunity to start a business in the flourishing city of Medina.