Reagan Park

Reagan Parkway was originally bought by the city of Medina as an expansion of the landfill, but Bill Dunn, head of Parks and Recreation, saw the land's potential. After buying the land from Dr.Reagan for $500 per acre, Dunn began to administer renovations in order to turn the plot of land into a functioning park for the community. He was able to use the land as a park, because the reservoir was built to the south of the water plant, and the sewer plant and landfill were slowly beginning to close.

Today, Reagan Park is a huge part of the community. Almost every member of Medina City has a memory of a time they have spent there, and still return to experience the sense of nostalgia the park brings them. From sports to sled riding to skateboarding, the park offers activities for people of all ages, and continues to be a favorite place of the town. The park has come a long way from being pasture land,sewage and landfill.



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